A Few "Oldies but Goodies" for the First Days Back to School!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Boo Boo Binder! 
I have been doing this little activity for years. When a child gets a"Boo Boo" they can go to the Boo, Boo Binder and write about it, draw a picture and put a band-aide on their injury. I have been collecting all the little travel lotions from hotels I visit and then I put a label on them and keep them in a basket next to my Boo Boo Binder.

The I Am Special Glyph!
This glyph is so simple and great for the first week of school. My paper doll and clothes are traced for the children to cut out. The clothes are decorated with dot paints.  I'll be heading back to get my classroom ready next week...Oh summer goes by so fast! 


  1. Love the boo-boo lotion idea! Gets them writing....
    Just wondering what you put in the bottles- any kind of hand lotion?
    Thanks for the labels!!! :)

  2. Hi ! The lotion is just those free little bottles you get when you stay in a hotel room. You could also use the small travel size from target