Holiday gift ideas!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Our "hand wreaths are completed! I use muslin and school green and red paints. This year we added a little glitter to the berries they look so pretty. I went to Home Depot to have some dowels cut for hanging and hot glued Christmas ribbon bows to the front. Each child's name is written in gold pen in the lower right hand corner. 
*This child's name is covered up with the berry clip art 
I used to make the picture.

Here is a sample of our wrapping paper made from holiday cookie cutters dipped in paints. Fun and easy!

We also made  macaroni ornaments. 
The children made a pattern around the edge.
Then I spray painted them gold.
 I took a picture of each child with a halo and angel wings. On the back it says love your "little angel".
I know it's a little "old school" but they look so cute on your trees and such a fun keepsake. 
I can hardly wait to get my daughter's and put it on our Christmas tree!

We continued our travels around the world with a visit to England where we made our holiday cards. The children made them during centers last week. On the back it states that Christmas cards originated in England and today people all over the world enjoy sending cards to their friends and family during the 
holiday season.

 In England Santa is called "Father Christmas". 
We made a T.P. roll  Santa. 
Then the children wrote what Santa might like for Christmas. We used temporary spelling to sound out
 what Santa wants.

Today we traveled to Israel we tasted
 yummy potato latkas, played the dreidel game 
and made our menorah hats!
Tomorrow we are off to Sweden!

Tannenbaums from Germany "I spy" and a free recipe!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Last week we traveled to Germany 
and learned about the Tannenbaum.
We made tissue paper and starch trees.
When they dried the children made 
decorations. Next the children counted
 and added up all their ornaments.

Next to their tree is their Holiday I Spy!
Click here for I spy recording sheet.

We also made yummy Tannenbaums out 
of sugar ice cream cones! OK, so not the most healthy 
of recipes but boy did they love them! 
We used  cookie sprinkles  
fruit loops, M&Ms and mini marshmallows! 
If you want to make them with your little
 "World Travelers" click on the link below!

Friends Around the World Freebie!

Monday, December 3, 2012

We began our travels around the world today!

We will learn how different countries celebrate the holidays. I always put a world map on my board in December so we can see where the places we will travel to are located. I have been asked for years where I got my children for the board. The book is no longer in print and I can't even find a used copy. I had my  international children scanned and turn into a PDF for you. Please note they are really old! But it's an easy way for you to get your Friends Around the World bulletin Board started! I have attached it to "google docs" with the link below. You will need to print most of them on 11x17 paper. I'm sure there is a way to make them smaller when you print them 
( I just don't know how)
included are USA and Hawaii 
(I know same country but Hawaii is fun to travel too)
Germany, Israel, Africa, Sweden, Mexico and England
I'd love to hear from you if you like them!

Today we visited Germany and learned 
about the Tannenbaum. Then on a large chart paper we sequenced how to decorate a tree. Then the children copied the steps on a piece of paper that they rolled up to put in side a TP roll. Next they made a mini Tannenbaum to glue on the front. If you are interested in more "Friends Around the World ideas see the link below to my store.

We  also made a describing map of what 
you might see on a Tannenbaum!

This is a picture of a sequencing mural
 I made last year!

Here is this years completed December quilt!
The reindeer are their hand prints.

Large International children PDF