3 Weeks in and Busy, Busy, Busy!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I am finally coming up for a little air. It's been a very busy start to the school year! I'm so sorry for not getting my weekly posts up. But I think we are on a roll now! Here are a few things we have been up to. We painted our "BEARY" favorite colors last week and decorated a picture frames for our masterpieces!

Two weeks ago we created these adorable self portraits I saw on pinterest from My friend Julie Lee's clssroom. They are adorable and floating from the ceiling all around my room!

Readers workshop is in full swing! We began with how to be a "Book Lover." We practiced first on the rug together carefully turning pages and progressed to  groups of four friends at book baskets. We have been building our Stamina! You can find this amazing unit at my dear friend Kim Adsit's TPT store!

This past week we got our own book tubs and began "Reading to Self." We are up to anywhere from 6-9 minutes depending on the day! In our book boxes we have 3 class made mini books, our poetry journals and one picture book! My Poetry Journals can be found at my TPT store. Well I'm actually off to my classroom this morning to set up for our first week of independent Literacy Centers! Wish me luck!

Southern California Friends I'll be at SCKA's Fall Workshop!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

I'm so excited to be presenting with my Friend Heidi Butkus.
On October 11th at the SCKA Fall Workshop.
 My topics are Spectacular Common Core style Literacy Centers and Sight Word Activities for TK and Kindergarten Students. 
I hope to see you there!

A First Day Activity and 2 New Freebies!

Monday, September 1, 2014

The school year officially began for my kiddos on Wednesday. Here is one project we actually finished! We used tiny macaroni, beads and jewels to decorate our names. The following day we made a floor graph of how many letters in our names.( Friday I hung it up). I had  wonderful parents who volunteered to stay our first day the whole morning. Our day was done the at 10:50 because Kinder has Back to School Night the first day. I love meeting all the parents and telling them about our program. Kindergarten is AWESOME!

I decided last week it was time for new Classroom Helper Cards. I love how Melonheadz makes everything you create pop! They are at my TPT shop just click on the link classroom above!

Tomorrow we will make our first mini-book Kindergarten. We will work on our sight words "See and I". I made little reading pointer sticks out of tongue depressors. They will go in a pocket inside the front cover. The pocket is a 1/2 envelope. So easy!

Here is our Chart to practice the steps to making our 
mini books. Happy Holiday Monday!