3 Cheers for Readers Workshop and My Dear Friend Kim Adsit!

Monday, January 20, 2014


This  is a THANK YOU BLOG to my AMAZING friend Kim Adsit from our K Team and especially ME! We dove into Reader’s Workshop last spring  and made it through the first of Kim’s FANTASTIC units Blasting off with Readers Workshop and part way through Powerful Partnerships. My teammate Charlyn calls Kim’s units “her bible.” Everything is ready for you to be successful down to the prompts, anchor chart, materials and teacher tips.

Above my kiddos are “shopping” for their
“Good Fit” books!Slide2”Private Reading” is going strong! Slide3Partner Reading! AWESOME! My children love this and so do I!   I can meet with individuals and check their progress easily.Slide4

Kim’s next unit Powerful Partnerships teaches children how to read together, and share information about what they have read. Our Poetry Journals and Poetry Bonus Pack are a favorite for shared reading. LOVE IT ALL!
We finished Powerful Partners and are so excited our wonderful Principal Mr. B. gave us a half day sub so we could prep our new anchor charts for “Digging Deeper.” Slide6
I am so blessed to have such a dedicated team to work with. We all worked together and got three charts ready. We begin tomorrow!Slide7
Bottom line if you have not tried out these amazing units jump in you won’t be sorry!
Love you Kim A.!

My attempt to make it feel like “Winter” in 80 degree weather and a Freebie!

Sunday, January 12, 2014


The weather has been so crazy here in Southern CA. Cold in the morning (well cold for us) then 80 in the afternoon! So here is my attempt to “chill” up the season. I found these at the 99cents store!


Friday we made our Tortilla Snowflakes! Yummy !Slide3

We are also doing a little winter writing while wearing our shorts and t-shirts!

Click here for freebie!