It’s a Sale! Little Snowman Fun Freebie! And time to get my mail center going!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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Winter is here! Well in just about every state except here in Sunny Southern California! So I thought I’d bring a little touch of snow to my classroom when we return!. My daughter made this darling snow globe as a holiday card at her after school program. I think it is so cute so I’m going to make them when we return. I’m going to make a few changes:

1. A thumb print sun

2. The poem “5 Little Snowmen Fat” on the back!

3. Then my kiddos can write “Let it snow” or “We love snow” on the front instead of Happy Holidays. Slide4


Five little snowman pattern link ! Cut a blue circle the same size as the white poem. Children use their handprint to make snowmen, and after they are dry they decorate with colored markers. For fun put white glitter on for the snow balls. I plan on using their thumbprint  in yellow for sunshine! I’ll post pictures when they are done.



January is a fun time to get your kiddos excited about writing Letters to their friends. I have mine already to introduce when we get back from break. I am adding this as one of my literacy center activities. They always love sending and receiving mail!

This Week’s Holly Jolly Literacy Centers!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Santa's Sight Word Sack was a big hit! My Kiddos were excited to take them home to practice their words!Slide2

Last week we worked on the “it” family this week the “un”. My little guys are really getting the hang of these rock and roll activities now!


Santa's Sight Word Scramble! On page one unscramble the words, on pages two and three use those words in a sentence!



My Gingerbread Glyphs were finished today. We compared the Gingerbread Man classic story with the Gingerbread Baby by Jan BrettSlide10

Here is the "Key"we used for our glyphs. On the back we wrote about what information the glyph told us.