It’s Pet Week! Some Write the Room Fun and a Freebie!

Sunday, April 27, 2014


We celebrated pets during our literacy centers. My kiddos had fun sewing our “pet pouch”. We put our writing  booklet about pet homes inside.Slide2

We took out all the words from our old pet mini book and had the children write sentences with questions. For example: Where is my cat? Do snakes hiss? Are you my turtle? On the last page they drew their favorite pet.

This darling Kitty cat is the cover to the booklet.


On Friday we made a new recipe Loli-Pups I did not have ant raisins or chocolate chips so we used left over M&M’s! They we “Woof-a-licious”.


We have made some changes to our Write the Room. My team and I changed it into a kind of scavenger hunt each month. Eight words are posted in different places around the room. Four are sight words and four are themed words.


After they have found all eight words and written them on their paper,  they flip the paper over and write sentences using those 8 words!Slide6

We always wear our themed headbands to write the room. I’m a little obsessed I think I have some for every month except November. I have yet to find some cute turkey headbands! Even the boys love the butterflies and flowers! I just love Kindergarten!!!

Bugs and Bunnies plus some Freebies!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


For the past two weeks we learned about living things that come from eggs. For cooking we made these yummy grasshoppers!


Here is the recipe for both grasshoppers and banana butterflies!


I saw this darling butterfly on Pintrist and had to turn it into a recipe for our class cookbook!


Friday we went on a “Living things that come from eggs” hunt. (Plus a few jellybeans and chocolates!) All 125 kids wore their Spring Bunny hats. So much fun!


This darling quilt is from the TK class next door and the one below is from my class. The Children’s hands are the wings.


We added jewels for the bunny nose and the center of the flower on the nest so the quilt really sparkles. The bunny is their handprint. Happy Spring!