Winter Has Arrived! Snowmen, Penguins and Snowflakes!

Monday, January 18, 2016

I'm over the moon with this darling project from  

Inspired by What Do Snowmen Do at Night. 
My kiddos made these adorable snowmen from my new

Hot cocoa in my cup. Yum, yum drink it up! 
This is an oldie but goody, 
I made years ago and decided to do this year. 
These cuties give my room a cozy feel!

Here is our January quilt!

It's finally been cool for us in Southern CA 
 so we made our winter Science page. 

Mmmm good Tortilla snowflakes were a big hit last week!

Literacy center fun with Penguins

(Find more kinder-cooking ideas by clicking on yummy penguins.)

We always love Writing the Room wearing snowman glasses!