Super Reading Powers! Ideas I shared from ITEACHK & ESGI

Saturday, August 6, 2016

 I found these 6 capes on amazon they now are $16.00. $9 less than when I bought them in June. I'm going to buy some more! 
My friend has a Cricut and she made the SR for me out of glitter 
iron on paper from Hobby Lobby! Thank you Jamie!

I made new covers for my Traveling Word Walls!

We keep our traveling word wall in our book boxes!

ESGI makes printable individual 
flash cards for practice at home!

I will use these color coded lists to help kiddos practice!
 When they know all the red they will go on a metal ring
 in their book box!

This year I plan on making theses cute TP roll Super Readers!
 We will roll up the sight words that we are working on and slip inside the tube!

With  ESGI  I can print out individualize parent letters

Isn't this cool!
I can even see a graph of how we are doing over all!

This tells me we need to practice the word "want" more.

When I introduce "pointing and tracking"
 we will make these Super Reader pointing sticks!

More fun ways to get your Kiddos READING!

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