Southern California Friends I'll be at SCKA's Fall Workshop!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

I'm so excited to be presenting with my Friend Heidi Butkus.
On October 11th at the SCKA Fall Workshop.
 My topics are Spectacular Common Core style Literacy Centers and Sight Word Activities for TK and Kindergarten Students. 
I hope to see you there!

A First Day Activity and 2 New Freebies!

Monday, September 1, 2014

The school year officially began for my kiddos on Wednesday. Here is one project we actually finished! We used tiny macaroni, beads and jewels to decorate our names. The following day we made a floor graph of how many letters in our names.( Friday I hung it up). I had  wonderful parents who volunteered to stay our first day the whole morning. Our day was done the at 10:50 because Kinder has Back to School Night the first day. I love meeting all the parents and telling them about our program. Kindergarten is AWESOME!

I decided last week it was time for new Classroom Helper Cards. I love how Melonheadz makes everything you create pop! They are at my TPT shop just click on the link classroom above!

Tomorrow we will make our first mini-book Kindergarten. We will work on our sight words "See and I". I made little reading pointer sticks out of tongue depressors. They will go in a pocket inside the front cover. The pocket is a 1/2 envelope. So easy!

Here is our Chart to practice the steps to making our 
mini books. Happy Holiday Monday!

Birthday Fun and Jazzing Up My Literacy Center Tables!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A few weeks a go I posted a picture of the Eric Carle themed crayons I found at Target. This is how I packaged them to give to my kiddos on their birthdays! I added bubbles and either a ring or little animals with parachutes. All 25 are made and ready for the first class birthday. Check one thing off my list..

This is just sample of a birthday crown for a parent to see. I will send my birthday crowns home with glue, glitter and a class list on back to school night for a parent to decorate for me.

Ok, I have been spending a little too much time on Pinterest. I see these paper lanterns are everywhere! I even saw them camping this weekend on tents! So I thought I would try them out in my class with my table signs. I think they really look cute :) Now I 'm off to school to finish up. Have a Happy Sunday!

Back to School! Time to Get Organized!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This is what my classroom looked like when I walked in last week!

Last year I only had two days to move back into my room from a remodel... I did a lot of shoving of everything! This year I'm really trying to start out organized! So far I've bought new Readers Workshop tubs and made new crayon labels for my leveled books. 

I'm also busy updating all my book tub labels to match my book class book tubs. Love, love, Avery design and print on line! Makes label making so easy. I'm going back to class today so much to do!

A Few "Oldies but Goodies" for the First Days Back to School!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Boo Boo Binder! 
I have been doing this little activity for years. When a child gets a"Boo Boo" they can go to the Boo, Boo Binder and write about it, draw a picture and put a band-aide on their injury. I have been collecting all the little travel lotions from hotels I visit and then I put a label on them and keep them in a basket next to my Boo Boo Binder.

The I Am Special Glyph!
This glyph is so simple and great for the first week of school. My paper doll and clothes are traced for the children to cut out. The clothes are decorated with dot paints.  I'll be heading back to get my classroom ready next week...Oh summer goes by so fast! 

Back to School Sale Begins August 4th!

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Back To School Sale Banner




I'm so excited to be part of the TPT back to school sale. All of my products will be on sale for 28% off August 4th and 5th when you use the promo code BTS14. *Remember the sale ends at 12pm eastern time on the 5th, which is 9pm for west coast teachers! Below are are a few I think you would enjoy for back to school! My products link will take you to my store. (My TPT link is still under construction). Now I’m off to go fill my shopping cart too!

cook book cover image     self portrait cover_Page_01     Jazzy Math Journal cover image

Pages from Eric Carle Literacy Center Fun Pack cover   frog pack cover_Page_1  Pages from April 2013 Alphabet Art Book 

Write the room cover image_Page_01   Pages from final shapes in our world pack cover image   cover to beary fun little pack_Page_1

self portraits pic

These are some samples of our Self Portraits. I have my kiddos draw themselves once a month starting our first week in school.

   img209       img210

Kinderbykim is getting a New Look and My Froggy Sight Word Pack is Finally Here!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back from a beautiful relaxing trip to Hawaii!
 My blog is getting a new look so please excuse the "messyness" while being updated! All my past blogs seemed to have moved all over the place and many links do not work yet so I need to see how to fix them but I'm getting there! I hope you like my new design thanks to  The Cutest Blog on the Block Custom Designs.

I shared these sight word activities in Chicago last March and now it's finally ready. Here is a sample of a some of my activities.

Pinwheel fun!
 Just write sight words on these mini pinwheels 
and blow it's so easy!

Next children write the words on their froggy sheet.
 They can even use their words to write sentences on the back.

Mirror reflection sight word fun. My kiddos loved this one. 
They hold up a mirror and read their words in the reflection.

Thanks for checking in! I hope your summer has been fantastic! 
I know many of you are heading back to school.
 I'm treasuring my few weeks left!