A "Flowery Butterfly" Birthday Party!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yesterday we had a "Flowery Butterfly"
5th Birthday party for my daughter.
 She told me last Spring that this
was the theme she would like for her 5th birthday.
 It was so much fun decorating I thought I would share with you!
These darling butterfly wings
from dollar tree decorated our banister!
A butterfly entrance
Flower petals lead a path
to the front door
Even Mr. Bear got dressed up!
The table was so flowery and pink!
I even covered the juice boxes to match.

All the chairs had pink tulle
and flowers.

The birthday girl had a special chair.

Yummy pink and purple cupcakes
and a basket of butterfly wings
for each guest.

Its hard to see but I had beautiful
butterflies hanging with
fishing line from the upstairs railing.

Our gift bags!
They have peppermint sticks
woven through the tops.

We made flowery picture frames to put
 their party photo with our "special guest"
 in before they went home.
The girls also made flower wands!

Our special guest sang,
danced,did magic, face paintingand balloons with all the girls. She was AMAZING!! Then I took a picture of each of the girls with our Garden Fairy Meagan to take home in their frames. It was a wonderful day filled with good friends and smiles!

The Beach Buddies have been busy in September!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm sorry I have taken so long to get this new post up. My daughter and I came down with the flu over the weekend. It's going through our K Team. 4 out of 5 of us have had it and then shared it with our families! I'm much better now and I'm going to try to catch up on the latest in Room 2!
Above we have added to our ABC art book. The children make these by themselves (one a week) during Literacy centers.

Our bus graph we actually made the first week of school. Then we analyzed our information.
Here is the cover for our "I am Special" book.
I put their photo on an craft stick to make their pointer stick. My kids are loving reading their books during Readers Workshop.
During our "I am Special Week" we drew our
 first self portraits. Each month we draw and write a little something. It makes a wonderful keepsake at the end of the year.
Last weeks theme was COLORS! 
Here is our Rainbow graph. 
We made yummy Rainbow Toast.
Simply add food coloring to little bowls of milk.
The children paint the toast with paint brushes.
 (I keep a package of paint brushes just for this cooking activity).
Then plop in the toaster add a little butter and sugar..Delicious!
We love Elmer he is a fun character to use
during "I am special week" and "Color week" too!
I just used a clip art image to
make the Elmer pointer stick. 
Here is our first entry in our
This darling idea comes from my good friends at Kinderlit. Check out their fun site below.
We just added our first page in
our Science Journal!
Thank you for sharing my blog with your friends more goodies from my classroom on the way:)






September fun!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

During math we traced our names
 with scented markers. Next we cut
them a part, mixed up the pieces,
put them back in order 
and glued them onto a strip of paper.
Next we sorted to find out how many
 letters are in our names.
Jenna Nicloe has the longest!

We made our first "Thinking Map."
We defined what kindergarten will be!
The next day the children
made their own cirlce map
about kindergarten.

This past week our theme was
We decorated mirrors and painted
our faces to glue onto our mirrors.

We used beads, feathers, foam stickers,
 flowers and pom-pom balls
to decorate our mirrors.

For cooking we made "Friendship Fruit."
Since the weather was 100 degrees
on Friday and we do not have air conditioning.
This was a yummy refreshing snack!

Friday afternnoon I introduced
"How to get your book box."
We have two mini books we wrote
over the last two weeks,
 a Brown Bear mini book that the children colored and our poerty journal
with three poems in it to get us started.
My kiddos did such a great job
choosing a reading spot.
 They were so excited to start reading!
Next week we will work on what
to do while reading,
the different ways you can read a book.
 (pictures, words, retell)

One of the read alouds I chose this
week was the Alphabet Mystery
by Audrey Wood.
The children loved it!

The letters in the Alphabet Mystery
solve the mystery
by flying on magic pencils.
 My friends at Weaver Elementary
shared this idea with me last year and
I just had to make it this year!

One thing we found out is that the children searching
for all the letters in their names takes a while.
So do this in small group or with a parent volunteer. Not all at the same time with 24 kiddos!
(You may need a drink after!)
We had to do some creative letter making as you can see in this photo we ran out of vowels so we turned the letter L into and i by chopping off the bottom.
Whatever works :)

First full week of school !

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Let's meet the Beach Buddies!
Each child made a beach baby and
decorated their bathing suit.
 I made sure to use sight
words that we need to practice!

Here is our September Quilt. 
I keep their pages for their memory books.
It is so fun to see the different
levels of fine motor skills.

Our first sight word mini book is
called Kindergarten!.
 The sight word was "I"!
You can download this free
with the link below!
The book looks a little different I used different pictures. (It's the same story)

Add a pocket made from half an
enevelop to house their pointer stick.

We began our ABC art book!

This is our I am Special Glyph
 I showed last years in an earlier
    blog.They are so cute I had to
show you this years glyphs.
Buttons = age
Crayon= favorite color
Very simple for our first glyph!

We cook every week.
This week was "How to make Kids Snacks."

We complete the recipe and
 then make our snack. Yummy!

I got my BOO BOO Binder ready!

The body parts card and
Boo Boo writing page are in my
Jazzing up your Journals Book
that I wrote with my Dear freind Kim Adsit

Time for me to feed my daughter lunch!
Thank you for checking out my
blog and sharing with your friends. Kim