Kim’s I Teach K and TPT Conference Photo Album of Fun!

Saturday, August 2, 2014


I was so excited to meet Paul Edelman founder of TPT! I told Paul “I was just a little fish in his big pond” He said “Keep on swimming” which is exactly what I plan to do! I was equally happy to get to chat and take a photo with Amy Borrell Berner Head of Community & Editorial for TPT. And of course my dear friend and Dynamo Kim Adsit!  


SDE’s Blogger Bash was an exciting and CRAZY place! So many Bloggers you could barely move! I took the opportunity to get pictures with my friends Kathleen, Shelly, Crystal, Shari and my new friend Julie Brinkley a darling SDE presenter.


These dazzling girls Christy and Tammy from
Fluttering Through First Grade put on an amazing presentation at the TPT conference. I learned so much! Now I know how behind I am AHHH!


We did make time for yummy dinners at the Venetian with my friends Deanna, Kim, and Dee Dee. I love these talented girls so willing to share ideas, advice and put up with all my crazy questions!  Dee Dee you have the patience of a saint to put up with me!  Next year I promise to have all this blogging thing mastered! (I hope).


I also want to send big hugs to my dear friend Shari Sloane I always love hanging out with you!. I can’t wait to see you next week in Huntsville! I also got to spend time with Susie Haas Kane, Kathy Griffin and Faye and Kaye from SDE.

Blog 60 TPT conference 2104 extra picture

Thanks for letting me share the fun week with you!

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