Freebies You Have Asked For This Week!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The first two weeks have been crazy busy and lots of fun! Many have asked for the Zero the Hero Letter and activity 
sheets so I posted them in my TPT Shop! 

Chicka Boom Boom STEAM was so much fun. Everyone enjoyed seeing how tall and how many letters they can put on their trees! I saw this fun idea on Pinterest.
Thank you Story Time STEAM for this creative idea!

We did not end up doing my Chicka Boom Response Sheet sheet but we will pull out this activity again and complete later when we have a little more stamina and fine motor skills.

Counting Collections are all organized!
 I have SOO many of these goodies shoved in my cabinets. I'm glad to finally put them to good use. I made a spread sheet grid to know how many items were in each lettered baggy.

Zero the Hero comes every 10 days of school and brings some kind of treat to count. This year Zero the Hero will bring a new 
Math Game for our Math Centers!

Each child got a game and their own dice!
 I'm going to make a new set on colored card stock and laminate them to use in the future!

We use a dot paint to count the days in school on
 our Zero The Hero tens frame!
Enjoy! Kim