A “Beary” Fun Week! Something New from Kinderbykim!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Last week we had a great time making our Brown Bear Bags and mini books.  One of my children said “Miss Jordano you should have your picture as the teacher in our Brown Bear book”. So I did exactly that… my picture is on the “I see a  teacher” page!


During Literacy centers we made our first t.p. roll activity to practice our sight words. The writing paper gets rolled up and goes inside of the t.p. roll. The little bear is glued on the front! Slide3

We painted circle bears and discussed how these circles are flat shapes not 3D! Lots of fun ways to get Common Core in!Slide4

We are busy working on or rhyming skills along with reading and sight words. This fun little book is easy to read and  helps us practice rhyming. Perfect for our Readers Workshop boxes! All of these ideas plus a few more activities (except for the circle bears) are in my new packet on TPT called

A “Beary Fun Little Pack”.


  1. Super~ Duper cute stuff! Thanks for sharing this post with us!!! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog

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