A “Batty Fun” Week in Kindergarten. Literacy Center Fun! Plus Batty Poems Freebies!

Friday, October 11, 2013



This week we went Batty In kindergarten! All my Literacy center activities had a “Batty theme”. We learned how to draw a bat and then write a sentence about the bat.


We made a fun mini book and  learned the new word “in”! I put stuffed bats at all the tables as decorations.



We are working on our rhyming words with the “at” family. We they had completed writing their at words they were rolled up inside their tp roll bat to take home.



The secret word was bat of course!

My kiddos complete a Secret Sight Word each week. The bat I added for fun but all the other words we do are of from sight word list.


We also worked on out rhyming by stamping the “at” family! If your children like to stamp I think I finally have a way to keep the stamps somewhat organized! I bought 3 plastic nails and screw organizers from Home Depot. They were less than 4dollars each. I put two circle sticky dots in each section with a, b written in Sharpie, c,d etc. the lids close tight and so far no spilling. I gave each group of two children one box of lowercase letter stamps. They all have the same color stamp pads. (So no mixing colors) Next month I’ll replace and add a different color stamp pad. Each week we Stamp and Write  a new set of words.


We made the BBBB, BBBB, BBBB Bat Book. Each child gets a set of 5 friends photos to chant the beginning sounds of their friends names. We will keep them in our book boxes. I let each child take the page with their photo/bat and then choose 4 more friends to put in their booklet.


Today we completed the Bats Like  to Eat… folded booklet. We have red lots of fiction and fact books about bats this week. We learned lots of interesting facts. Different types bats like to eat different foods.


Friday is cooking day! We completed our recipe for Oreo Bats! They were a big hit! Of course its hard to go wrong with Oreos!


During Math I introduced measurement with our Batty Measurement Page for our Jazzy Math Journals!


Right before we went home today we “flew” outside with our giant bat bracelets! I just posted the pattern for this big guy, the batty rhymes, bat mini book, the BBBB Bat book pattern, Bats like to eat.. at my TPT store called Going a “Little Batty” Literacy Center  Fun Pack!

Click here for two fun bat poems to use in your Poetry Journals!


  1. So many great ideas for bats. Looks like a great unit. Thanks for the cute bat poems too!

  2. You are so welcome! Bats are on e of my kids favorite units :)