Shapes In Our World! Plus a revision!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


We have one more shape to go and we will have completed our Shapes in Our World Unit! I‘m planning on finishing up with the Hexagon this week! A sweet teacher named Laura emailed me last night and pointed out the stop sign in my packet was an Octagon! (YIKES) So I immediately went to look at the booklet and sure enough she was right! I have revised and placed on TPT so all who purchased my unit from there should be notified of the revision. BUT those of you who purchased by CD click on the hexagon link above for the revision. For those of you who do not have my unit feel free to get the revision too!


Each shape pocket has a mini shape book, a puppet, “At first it was a …. then it was a …” (art frame) and a poetry card. This year all the poetry cards are going in our Poetry Binder so we can practice our shape poems all year!



We had a good time singing our triangle song with our triangle puppets!


We made fancy triangle party hats to go in the triangle pocket.


I’ll  post a picture of the Hexagon pocket when we make it this week! Please accept my apologies for the shape mix- up!


  1. Looks like really cute stuff! Nice job! Kids love to put things in pockets, so I am sure they will love this one, too!
    Don't worry about the mix up. My husband didn't know a hexagon from an octagon until last year, either, LOL! Luckily, I caught it BEFORE we printed 1000 DVD's with a hexagon picture showing while the kids sang the octagon song! Yikes!

    1. You are too funny! 1000 DVD's would have been a nightmare! I could not believe it when I looked at the picture! Well I'm just happy someone was kind enough to point it out. Two teachers on my team already did the hexagon unit and they did not notice either! :)