Something New! Let’s write a letter!

Monday, April 29, 2013


This is my Beach Buddy Mail Center! It is one of the most popular literacy center activities in my class right now! My Children love writing letters to their friends and then mailing it in their personal mail box. A parent in my class several years ago made me this cool mail box. The children's photos are taped at the bottom of each mail slot for easy delivery. I have been busy making new stationary every month and I now have it available on TPT!


Kinderbykim's Let's Write a Letter to a Friend Stationary Pack!

The set includes 28 different cards and 8 letter writing frames.


My Children glue their friends picture on the “To” which matches the picture in the mail box. Then they write a letter inside and draw a picture for their friend.


Here is a sample letter I received. Be prepared you will get a lot of mail!


All my class photos are a Xerox copy of our class picture.Then I cut them up and put in each child’s little drawer.  I keep a big supply in this handy tool drawer from Home Depot. The best part about this center is it is so easy.I just supply the stationary and pictures and the children do the rest!