Thursday and Friday’s Freebie Fun!

Friday, April 5, 2013


So sorry for not posting freebie last night, my little one got the flu. So here you go with two more spring activities! Living creatures who come from eggs color and graph! I have my kids choose 5 different colors or dot paints. Each creature needs to be the same color. (All fish blue all chicks yellow etc.) Its easier to count them this way and then they graph their findings.

Link to Spring Egg math activities



Help Chick and friends add their doubles! Children can use a variety of tools anything from jelly beans, to Cheerios to 100 boards or simply adding on in their heads. For fun you can put one half of the equation on a plastic egg and the answer on the other half. I always mix up the colors so they do not match. Enjoy! I’m so sad my spring break is ending it’s been fun having some time to blog!


  1. As usual, your creations are fantastic! Thank you for generously sharing your talents!

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