More Fun With Eric Carle and his Friend Hermit Crab!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


We had so much fun with Eric Carle we ended up spending two weeks.  Here is what we did with his book A House For Hermit Crab. We started off the week a mini book which included the sight  words will and one.Slide2

This darling flow-map comes from my dear friend Kim Adsit’s Ocean Animals  Math and Literacy Activities.


After we completed our flow map we used the information to write about Hermit Crab’s day.


We used the darling clip art from Kim Adsit’s Ocean Animal unit mentioned above and made this adorable class mural!


I had so much fun painting with all my kiddos. I don’t get to paint with them very often (I usually have a parent volunteer do it). Every child got to paint something for on our colorful mural.Slide6


We painted this fun crab with water bottles filled with red and orange paint.Then the kids squirted it on the shell. While the shell was drying they painted the decorations with dot paints. (Yes I’m working on a packet for this including the mini book Smile) I have so much more to share from our week. I’ll try to get it posted tonight. I’m off to swimming lessons! Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Kim,
    I had the privilege of seeing you in Chicago. Thanks for all your insight. I will be using your ABC's this fall and your draw and write. I liked how you display the writing samples to your children. Could you post just a picture of your display device.

  2. Hi Jean I'll take a picture and post this week! Thank you! Kim