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Saturday, May 4, 2013


I’m making a quick addition to this blog post to let you know I’m joining the sale on TPT for Teacher Appreciation days May 7th and 8th! Click here to go to My Store and start saving today!


Mother’s day is next Sunday so during our literacy center time next week we will be making a fun card. The front has a pocket/flowerpot and little flowers are  put in side. I got the flowers from Lakeshore. Use your teacher coupons and save!  Lakeshore flowers You get a ton of flowers in this one little bagInside the kids will write a Mother's day message.


My local Lakeshore had several fun projects today! This one my daughter made me! Their sample said “I Love you this much!”.  Really cute and easy.


This is a sample of the Mother’s day gifts we are making in class this year. I buy the frames at Michaels in the dollar bin. The children paint them and then we used beads, glitter and the fun flowers to decorate. On the back is a Mothers Day poem. I forgot to take a picture on that!


These are our spring hats that we used for our photos a better picture is on my website  March Hats


We made this really fun project today at Lakeshore too! This cool dough hardens over night and my daughter (5 years) easily made this necklace for me for Mother’s Day! The package costs $3.99 and they told me it will make 12-15 necklaces. If you you use your coupons buy one get one half off it’s only about 6 dollars for this easy no baking, no mess (really no mess) dough! I’m sold! If you are like me you all ready have beads, sequins and jewels in your craft supplies. (You have to press the jewels in then take out and put a dot of tacky glue to be sure it sticks.)


We also made a darling paper bag vase. Here is the vase pattern.


This is the May Poem for our Poetry Journals this comes from my Months and Holidays Poetry Pack on TPT. My kids will circle sight words and color as one of their activities during literacy centers

* Here is a link for the  May Poem  

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