November Math Journal Page and More Literacy Center Fun!

Monday, November 18, 2013


We will be making this fun little turkey for our Jazzy Math Journals tomorrow. I’ve been tracing feathers all evening!




I’m doing my Facebook Freebie this week for syllable practice. My kiddos really enjoyed it today! I had them work with a partner and share a ring of cards to clap the syllables and then they completed their own Fall Syllable sheet.


This week we are working on the “an Family with our“turkey rock and roll” I have lots of fun activities similar to this one in my Rock and Roll Set on TPT.


Our Secret Word this week is “went.” Our Mini Book introduces the word “went” in the sentences.. In went the turkey. In went the stuffing in went the pie …etc. Then on the last page… Now I am full! Each week we have a secret word as one of our Literacy Center independent work to reinforce our sight words.


We are busy working on our Science Journals. We have been talking a lot about gardening during our Long Ago Studies so today we labeled the parts of a flower that we painted last Friday. We glued sunflower seeds in the middle.


Today my kids complete Kk is for Koala in our ABC Art Book. We are off to a busy week!

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