Fun Beginning Of School Activities and a Freebie!

Sunday, September 8, 2013


I have all my pictures developed so we are busy learning our Good Morning Song .The tune is to: Have you ever seen a Lassie. After we know all our friends faces we move onto name cards instead of photos.


Our first Circle map! We did this activity whole class. I had a bunch of pictures in a baggy ready for when they made the suggestion! The next day the children drew their own with me to take home!


During Math we did “Rainbow writing” on our names. Then we cut our names into separate letters. Next we put them back together on strip of construction and counted how many letters are in our names. The following day we graphed “How many letters in our name” on a floor graph. This weekend I glued them to this big poster. We emphasized you may have 5 letters in your name but it is only ONE word!


Tomorrow we begin our Jazzy Math Journals. We will  do an easy beginning beach sort!


  1. I LoVe you ideas and have bought a few of your amazing products like your Math Journals. Can't wait to get started with them this week. Our picnic photos (taken with a red checked backround) are also ready to go for this cute song. :)
    Palma from KFUNdamentals

    1. I'm so glad you like my ideas. I have to get my picnic photos up this week too! Thank you , Kim

  2. I love your math journal! This is going to be my next TPT purchase.

  3. Thank you,
    The Math Journal is really fun! Kim