Last Day of School Fun, Fun, Fun!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


On the last day of school we spend a good part of the morning signing our Autograph and Photo Albums. I had two wonderful Mommies help me get them put together this year!


Each child has 5-6 pages of pictures taken throughout the school year.



I love to see what they write to their friends!


I gave each of my Kiddos a bottle of bubbles with this note and a fancy ring tied to it.


This is what the note says on the back.


I took so many pictures this year and did not get them all sent out through Shutterfly so I made a CD for each child with all the pictures. This way families can use them for scrapbooks or their own photo albums.


My class also made beach visors and the class next door decorated beach buckets.


Next we had a water balloon relay and then a little “Super Soaker” Fun!

** We asked parents to bring in filled water balloons. We had tons it was so fun!


I love the picture below! The boys were ready!


The weather cooperated and it was really nice and warm! We ended the day with ice cream sundaes in our classroom. It was a fun way to spend your last day as a kindergartener!

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