Kinderbykim’s Memory Book and Little Graduation Faces

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Here is my finished Kindergarten Memory Book! Just in time school is out on Friday! I have the blank books all put together by the second week of school so I can glue in the children's items at the end of each month.


This was our September glyph and below is or September quilt piece.




Each month I include a picture of a special day, their quilt piece and the poem we learned for that month!


Gobble! Gobble!


I love our handprint reindeer!


This year a farm animal went in January because we made them for our “Winter on the Farm” Open House!


This little bee is made from tracing their shoe!


I just love our little Leprechaun hand prints and finger painted shamrocks.

( Yes we still paint in Kinder!)


We went on a spring egg hunt to the park. Bunny ears and all! The best part was a Peep Race. The 5 classes competed in a peep chewing relay. Hysterical!!


Don’t you just love their photo with the monkey and safari hat!


Every year we have and End of Year Sing. This is the cover of our program. This year all classes will sing , then come back to their classrooms for a fun award and then we will all have a picnic lunch together. Awards include things like Most Creative, Future Comedian, Future Architects, Future Author etc! Everyone gets an award.


Our school mascot is the Lee Leopard. Each child will also receive a Leo Medallion. Well I’m off to finish all these goodies. I hope you all are winding down and ready for a great Summer!


  1. That is the most precious memory book I've ever seen! Those are some lucky parents. :)
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

    1. Thank you Sarah, I just gave it out today after our Kinder sing. I think the parents will enjoy it :)

  2. Another amazing creation! I am so excited to see you in action at the I Teach K conference. I have signed up for all your sessions!

    1. Please come by so I can say hello! I'm looking forward to I TEACH K! Only a few more days of school and I can really get excited!

  3. We do something very similar here is WA. I love your idea of putting together the books and glue throughout the year. I have learned to use a large piece of construction paper with the months art project/writing and hang it on the wall. Then, it becomes a page in our book. The only bad part is the binding at the end, but the parents love it :)

  4. Love your idea of the memory book!! Where do you get the idea for the quilt pieces? Also, how do you end up binding the book? I def. want to incorporate something like this for next year. Thanks so much for the great idea!!


    1. Hi April,
      We make a new quilt every month. Many of them are on my website I just use curling ribbon to whip stitch the books in advance. It's very sturdy that way and so much more jazzy than staples:) Kim

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