A visit to North Dakota, Spiders, Bats and Frankenstein it must be Halloween!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Last Saturday I had the privilege 
to speak at the 
North Dakota Kindergarten Conference 
in Grand Forks. The theme was 
"3 Cheers for Kindergarten"
The teachers were so much fun! 
I only wish we lived closer so we could plan together.
The photos are with my 3 new friends! Leslie and Traci    who invited me to ND and took me out to dinner to a really fun place called the Toasted Frog. We had "cheesy pickles," "sweet potato fries" and fish tacos. Yum! Their hospitality was amazing I feel so blessed to have been invited. The second photo is with Kathleen from Growing Kinder's she was so gracious to sell some of my products for me. I feel like I've known them forever. I just love spending time with fun, creative teachers :)

The tables at my sessions were set up with megaphones, pom-poms and 
alphabet cheer cards! 
I even got introduced by cheerleaders!

Back to a busy week in Kinder! 
We made haunted house patterns in our 
math journals.

We got "BOOed" by a Kinder class 
who left us a fun Halloween 
bucket full of goodies to count and sort. 
So we tip-toed to "Boo" another class, leave the bucket and hurry back to our class 
before they could see us!

Here is our graph after we tasted three kinds of tea 
(fruit punch) at Miss Spiders Tea party.
We analyzed all our information and we found out the The rose petal tea was most popular!

We learned some spider facts to 
put in our science journals.

After reading Miss Spider we made our 
own cute spiders and then wrote about Miss Spider.
The link below tells you how to make her!
 Look for the Miss Spider Link in PDF

This week we have been "Going Batty" 
learning all kinds of fun bat facts 
and having a bat themed week.
Above is our batty rhymes to 
practice the "at" family.

This is a science journal page the
 children completed during literacy centers. 
They made the painted bat earlier in the week.

More literacy center fun!

Of course we had to make a yummy
 bat for cooking this week! 
***Many are asking about my cookbook. 
I'm working on it as fast as I can:)

Here are the latest additions to our 
ABC Art  books.
Frankenstein is one of my favorite pages.

I'm off to bed...
I need to rest up for another great day in Kindergarten! Thank you for checking out my blog and sharing it with your friends!


  1. We were so fortunate to have you with us! You are welcome to come back any time for cheesy pickles!!

    1. Thank you so much! I do hope to come visit again.

  2. I wish I was there but it is a long way from Australia!!
    I love your ideas,Kim. Thanks for the Little Miss Spider idea. We will be making her, it looks so cute.

    Classroom Fun

    1. Hi Rhonda,
      I'm so thrilled you are enjoying my ideas in Australia! I wish I could come and visit you :)

  3. We were blessed to have you with us for the day! Everyone worked so hard for your arrival so I am happy you felt so welcomed! I wish you were nearby as well to plan with!
    Anytime you have a craving for pickles, fries, or chippers let us know!

  4. Those chippers are amazing! I shared them this weekend with my friends they could not believe how yummy they are! I hope the old saying goes "if you eat them with friends there are no calories!" (LOL)We were all in chocolate heaven :)

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  6. Wow! Love your blog! I am your newest follower!

    Julie Shope