Let's Be Meteorologist!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I have had so much fun incorporating the NGSS Science Standards in our kindergarten program last year. 
(Next Generation Science Standards)
We started our Weather Unit by being a Meteorologist!

 I found this darling idea on Pinterest from  littlemisshypothesis.blogspot. I had to make it for my kinders!

Here is one of my little Meteorologists in action! I filmed each child and let them watch afterwards. They loved it!

The weather pictures for the hat are included in my new STEAM Packet on TPT. Each day one child filled out the weather report recording sheet and then shared their report with the class. We practiced noticing how the weather looked and felt and what most of our friends were wearing on that day. We used a toy microphone that one of my students brought in so we could look official!

I added a new monthly Self Portrait Book so that I could do my  self portraits and combine it with the NGSS Science! 

I found this simple making rain experiment. All you need is clear container, dollar store shaving cream, blue food coloring, water and an eye dropper. Fill your container 3/4 full of water, add shaving cream so it's piled high. Mix the blue food coloring with water for your dropper and complete the prediction  response sheet seen below. The children slowly count the drops of blue "rain"onto their clouds. As the cloud gets full of water it becomes to heavy for the cloud to hold. This is much like a real rain cloud when it gets too full of water particles (water/ice crystals) it will begin to rain! The blue rain will begin to fall through the cloud and form raindrops.

I love that STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art and math) has an ART component. We had "A LOT" of Rain in California this year so we made these fun raindrops to hang in our classroom!

I'll be back soon with some awesome 
"Green Screen" ideas for your weather unit!


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