Let's get our Kinders Retelling Great Books!

Monday, January 16, 2017

 I hope you all had an amazing Holiday and a restful vacation with family and friends!  I got back to school Monday and we are excited about "Stretching our Brains" in  2017! Thank you Julie Lee for the cute party face Idea!

We are in the "Winter Mood!" 
We have  had a lot of rain and it's finally cold. 
So it does feel like winter in Southern California!
I'm starting back with some fun Mitten activities! On Monday
I introduced Jan Brett's The Mitten and then on Tuesday we practiced this frame with each child's name in the pocket chart. We reread the Mitten several times throughout this rainy week to get the sequencing embedded in our minds!

On Thursday, we made a mini book for our book boxes which included some "tricky words" (down and made). 
We will keep them in our book boxes for rereading.

On Friday we sewed these darling mittens and retold the story together during Reader's Workshop!

Here are two more activities you can do with the Mitten!
A retelling wheel and a comparison map with the books by 
Jan Brett and Alvin Tresselt.

I just posted my New Mitten Pack  this morning!
It includes 10 activities from Jan Brett's The Mitten and a Comparison Map with Alvin Tresselt

If you love RETELLING like I do check out my friend Kim Adsit's blog post all about retelling and see our New Packet we have created together.  

Props and Activities for 10 Popular Children's Books!

If you live in or around Wisconsin Come see me! February 27th!


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