We Love Eric Carle Literacy Center Fun!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Here are my independent Literacy Center activities for this week.   We are celebrating  Eric Carle. One of our favorite Kindergarten authors! We actually have so many great activities for Eric Carle we will do a second week of activities with his books.
 Above is what we did with The Mixed Up Chameleon . 
We used tear art, dot paints and markers!

is another one of our 
favorite Eric Carle books. 

Of course everyone loves The Very Quiet Cricket!

We made these cute Mamas with their "joey" snug in the pocket. On the back we wrote what our Mother's love to do! 
These are a few of the activities in my 
I'll post more from this unit soon. 
We are busy enjoying all his amazing books and learning all about 
Eric Carle's special way he creates his art.

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