Pilgrim Power and Tasty Turkeys!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I found variations of these little cuties all 
over Pinterest a few weeks ago. I just had to make them. 
They look so fun hanging in our classroom. 
We have been talking about how the Pilgrims lived
 in their new world.

We wrote about what the Pilgrim boys and girls 
did to help their families.

Tom Turkey Says 
"Eat cake..or cookies or pizza!"
 "Not me!"

 I saw these fun turkeys on First Grade Parade's blog. 
They are super easy to make!
I created a turkey's can, have, are ...paper plus
a writing paper to go with it.

 This is always one of my favorite bulletin boards!
It always makes me smile.

I love to see all the people and things they are thankful for!

They end up really looking like my kiddos.
Enjoy your holiday!
Big hugs to all the Veterans in my life and yours.


  1. So cute, Kim! I LOVE everything you do!
    Palma :)

  2. Everything is really cute! I wish I had time to do a lot of art projects. Who did the writing on the Pilgrims long ago?

    1. Thank you Lee Ann! I did a guided writing with the boys and then with the girls. :)

  3. I am so glad you like my pilgrims! Here is the link to them (they were posted on TpT back in 2011) in case you'd like to share it:
    Your turkeys are super cute!
    First Grade Blue SKies

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I tired to share a free link from Pinterest about two weeks ago was it yours? The pictures are still up on Pinterset with a link but it's not working anymore. They are such cute Pilgrims you are so creative :)

    2. No, I contacted her about the patterns...she acknowledged that they were mine, apologized, and then deleted the post. She had even credited me when she shared them, not realizing that it isn't ok to share someone else's paid product for free. She was very sweet about it and totally didn't mean any harm. My listing was from 2011 and her post was 2012. Just thought I would let you know when I commented above. (my product pics are all over pinterest, too...but they go to my blog =) )
      Thanks for acknowledging!
      First Grade Blue SKies