The Pumpkin on the Vine! It's Ready!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I have had so many requests for this little pumpkin life cycle sequence. My copy was so old and hand drawn. I finally have a brand new crisp black-line available HERE!
(I did have to hand draw the stem for the front I could not find a clip art that would work)

We are going to end the month with some Frankenstein fun. I pinned this cute mini paper plate guy from Pinterest a few weeks ago. I turned him into a counting and ordering activity that my kiddos will complete this week. I glued a pocket to the back for them to put their numbers in after putting them in order. 
We will put this poem on the the pocket.
Monsters MUNCH, Monsters CRUNCH! 
Monsters like to COUNT for lunch! 
This week we will describe Frankenstein on our circle maps at literacy centers and do some monster labeling too.

This darling sewing activity seemed to be all over Pinterest The great thing is they can't mess it up! My kids loved it. We wrote one of our Poerty Journal Poems  on the back.

Last but not least have you made your Jack-O-Happy Pie?
Have a Happy Halloween!

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