My attempt to make it feel like “Winter” in 80 degree weather and a Freebie!

Sunday, January 12, 2014


The weather has been so crazy here in Southern CA. Cold in the morning (well cold for us) then 80 in the afternoon! So here is my attempt to “chill” up the season. I found these at the 99cents store!


Friday we made our Tortilla Snowflakes! Yummy !Slide3

We are also doing a little winter writing while wearing our shorts and t-shirts!

Click here for freebie!


  1. That's hilarious!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing !!

  2. Kim, we made these really cute mice with oreos, malt balls, kisses, etc. If I can figure out how to send you a picture I will if you would like. It was too hard for me to figure out how to make it into a writing activity with the recipe so we just made them.

  3. Hi Bridgit That would be so fun! I'd love to see your mice and try to come up with a recipe. email me at