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Friday, July 5, 2013


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I have only been out of school 3 weeks and my mind is already on the first week back! I made these fun table and pocket chart signs for my jungle/beach theme. The big ones I print two of each and then glue them front and back to a piece of construction paper. Then I laminate and hang above my table centers. The small ones go in the pocket chart. I’m also working on a school themed set. I’ll post as soon as they are finished! Time to spend some quality time with my sweet little girl to the pool!!


Literacy center pocket chart and table signs


  1. Why is it that Kindergarten teachers can't stop thinking about school during the summer!! I am the same way! We have been out a month now, and I have done something almost everyday for my upcoming kinders!!! I think it's a sickness! haha

  2. Yes! I do believe its an illness and apparently it's contagious! AHHH