Kim's Open House Pictures from the Farm!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Farm Open House was last 
Thursday evening. 
Here I am with one of my little farmers 
enjoying some farm fun!

Since the open house was so early this year, our cookbooks are not complete. The children got to do a cooking activity with their families.
 We made a "Moolicious" Cow!

I took pictures of my little chefs and stuck them in a pot of noodles for display. These fun pictures will go on the cover of their cookbooks 
at the end of the year.

Here is one of my farmers posing with
 his yummy cow.

These darling ducklings have some duckling 
facts inside their t.p. roll bodies.

Here are our tear paper ducks.
They are busy eating fish! 
It's a little subtraction activity.

This was our adding strawberry seeds book.
 The seeds were black beans.

In October we went on a farm field trip
 and all the children planted radish seeds. 
We made a radish journal and charted their growth.

These are some sample pages from 
the radish journal.

Another parent child activity was some "Farm Fun Measuring". The children measured farm animals on cards with unifix cubes and lima beans. Then they recorded their findings on a recording 
sheet to take home.
 More to come!


  1. Always so beautiful!!!! Love Kim Jordano!!! :)

    1. Thank you ! Thank you! You are too kind.
      Hugs, Kim

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