More Winter on the Farm Fun!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Although we are busy turning our classroom into a farm, we still have found time to make some snowmen for our Math Journal. It rained here all day today... just two days ago it was 80 degrees outside! So since I had my kiddos in with me all day we painted snowmen. (No cafeterias or multipurpose rooms here!)

Two little snowmen as cute as can be. 
Which is greater 4 or 3?

I have been busy "winterizing" our farm big book. We took a field trip to a farm in October and I got lots of fun pictures of  the children with farm animals and produce.

We did drawing lessons on how to draw 
farm animals and they came out so cute!

Here is our Midnight on the Farm board.
 All the animals are made with small paper plates.

The idea for this board came from the book
 The Cow that Went Oink!

For Cooking last week we did 
"How to make a Perfect Penguin"

I'm sorry I did not get a close up. They were made from Oreos, candy corn and two mini m&ms for eyes.
As soon as open house is over next Thursday evening. I'll post all my pics from the big event!

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