Turkey Trouble!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Turkey Trouble!
These cute Turkeys say "Please do not eat me!" 
"Please eat Ice cream, or cookies, or cake!"
I have had the pattern forever I have no idea where it came from! Then we added the turkey thoughts.

More trouble for turkey! Now he is on the table. 
We made pointer sticks with feathers. The children painted turkeys for the covers.

This cute turkey is for our Math Journals!
Mr. Turkey jolly and fat. Had 6 feathers and 
wished for ____ more. Now he has 10!
How many feathers did Mr. Turkey wish for?

Fall leaf fun!
These little books are how I
 introduce my sight words. 
The children keep them in their book boxes for a few weeks for rereading before I send them home.
 I found these fun leaves for the 
covers at the dollar store.

My Little Pilgrims were thankful 
for many things!
See below!

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. 
I hope you are surrounded 
by the people you love!


  1. Your stuff always looks so nice, Kim!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Thank you Robynn!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too :) Kim